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J.Piechowiak - (+Web)comic artist & writer, illustrator, ethnolinguist, chocolate addict, pervert. Thinks in pencil, sings when nobody seems to be around.
Author of the webcomic More Than a Hunch.

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This is mostly a personal art and music blog. Things I like land either into my my likes or other blog; there are many wondrous treasures there!
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Guest art I drew for's webcomic (or rather, random fanart that turned into a guest page).

Victorian romance, drama, vampires and yes, this is also canon (this comic is LGBT friendly, hehe). From what I know we’ll be also getting ACTION! :D

Just go and read, OK?

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  5. kitsunemotoko said: :D! You did a great job on this~! They both looks so smexy <3
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    Aww Pedes you keep killing my kokoro ;o;! I love how sexy Julien is throughout the whole page and the dialogue is quite...
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