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Relaxation/warm-up doodle. I tend to relax by drawing people beaten up, hurt and generally abused. So I asked friends on Twitter for a victim and said I can abuse Will from her webcomic.

….I couldn’t say no to that!

This started as a much stronger abuse but I realized Oz’s body was under a wrong angle for the perspective and I’d have to show much less of his back; this was unforgivable so I changed the composition. Also this has nothing to do with fear of revenge by Will, I am not afraid of fictional characters.

I recently looked at tone effects from manga was playing with “rage” effect but if you think that Os’z body is steaming because he’s so hot that is also an acceptable interpretation.

I need to finish my other K-E fanarts.

(Wow, that is a wall of text for a silly doodle. That’s because I’ve been neglecting NaNoWriMo :/)

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