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I was irritated and angry. I wanted to draw something. Since I’ve just reread Starfighter, I drew angry/Irritated Cain.

I am not that much of a Birthday picture person mostly because usually I am clueless of the Birthday or I get late (I still owe my best friend a belated pic that is in WIP because first I didn’t have the materials and now I don’t have time and enough practice with the materials). But when I heard both authors of Sfeer Theory have birthday the same week I thought I’d go for it.

I was considering drawing their characters in a crossover with a series I know at least one of them likes. At some point it came to me that “not wanting the other person to sacrifice him/herself for greater good” fits both Madoka and ST. Somehow Luca would fit the Other Girl [I don’t want to spoil even more then I did, GO WATCH MADOKA!] really well, but this would mean Balzac would have to be exactly what you see here.

I think I’m giving up on the present picture after this…

Architecture study speedpaint from photo. Lots of ornaments and even more ivy. Stupid ivy.

Fate/Zero Saber and Rider.

I’ve had a terrible art block today but also a terrible urge to draw. I decided that if I am to screw up everything anyway I can at least try a new technique. Since I have big problems with beginning stages of my digital paintings (I am getting either the colors or contrast wrong) I decided to try out a technique I saw somewhere which basically starts the painting with something akin to cell shading. Only I didn’t start with lineart but was basically sketching straight with colours but with no transparency. I think I will use that technique more :D

I am watching Fate/Zero now and damn, it’s as good as everybody is saying! So somehow naturally I started sketching Saber… but I was still screwing up till I started on Rider. Those were supposed to be separate sketches (you can see the shadows on Rider have different temperature than on Saber) but before starting on this I finished the episode where Rider was telling Saber off for screwing up her life and it somehow ended up a composition with Saber being emo and Rider being smug (well, he is ALWAYS smug).

[Resubmitting  because I am stupid and submitted the large version of the image]

Coloured version of the fanart.
Curly hair will be the death of me…

Coloured version of the fanart.

Curly hair will be the death of me…

Speedpainting - it’s been ages since I made a normal, honest to gods speedpainting like this one. I think it’s because of the Cintiq.

Now don’t get me wrong; there are some wonderful things about the Cintiq. But it turns out the 12” is terrible in the aspect of showing proper colours. My old Bamboo + old Samsung monitor beat this model easily (I read the new big ones have better screens but eh, this is not something I can afford). deviantART link in case uhm… just in case.

Relaxation/warm-up doodle. I tend to relax by drawing people beaten up, hurt and generally abused. So I asked friends on Twitter for a victim and said I can abuse Will from her webcomic.

….I couldn’t say no to that!

This started as a much stronger abuse but I realized Oz’s body was under a wrong angle for the perspective and I’d have to show much less of his back; this was unforgivable so I changed the composition. Also this has nothing to do with fear of revenge by Will, I am not afraid of fictional characters.

I recently looked at tone effects from manga was playing with “rage” effect but if you think that Os’z body is steaming because he’s so hot that is also an acceptable interpretation.

I need to finish my other K-E fanarts.

(Wow, that is a wall of text for a silly doodle. That’s because I’ve been neglecting NaNoWriMo :/)

I like freckles.

I had really exhausting two weeks, physically and emotionally and I’m trying to get back the hang on how this draw thing works….

Compilation of background elements for Ludum Dare #26 (theme Minimalsm).

I am a part of a three-person team and my job was to make backgrounds. But since the theme is minimalism we decided on almost empty background on which you can see just a single element at a time. As of now our Team Leader and programmer is working on the mechanics for the game. You can see the status here. When it’s finished I will update descriptions with a link.

This is the second time I’m working on game elements for a challenge with Sheep. First was for Seven-​​Day Rogue­like earlier this year when I made background music.

Note: those images are not free to use. If you want to use any of those please contact me.

"Let me hear your voice, Aoba"

Aoba Seragaki, Dramatical Murder

Figuring out Mangastudio5. I always feel weird dancing in the area between digital painting and cell shading…