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This is mostly a personal art and music blog. Things I like land either into my my likes or other blog; there are many wondrous treasures there!
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I am sorry to say but this is the day I am quitting Seclusion Inn.

I was really hesitant to do this as I hate when webcomics stop, but as Seclusion Inn was neither popular nor too much into the story this might be the best moment to do so.

It is not because I want to quit to make webcomics. Actually the opposite: I want to do a good, interesting webcomic. And Seclusion Inn is far from being among the more interesting stories or having the best characters. When I decided to do it – and it was a good couple of years ago – I had much less developed stories and characters and thought I’d just do it as  one shot.

But throughout those years things happened. Things that for one reason or the other became – only for me – connected to this comic. And I mean really BAD things including death,  serious sickness etc. It took me some time to realize this; I was treating this as my personal shortcomings, lack of speed, lack of skills… But, while I am far from perfection, it appeared that even though I did improve it never applied to this comic, because when drawing each page I was struggling with the THINGS along with the page.

I could have a consistent style. I could draw people looking the way I want them to. I could script, thumbnail and draw quickly comic pages. For anything BUT this comic.

And each page of this comic took a LOT of time to draw. Time in which, with rough estimation, I could do 2 pages of any other comic PLUS one or two cell shaded illustrations.


Well then, If I can do anything BUT this comic I guess it makes sense to do so. If I loved this webcomic I would have never quit it. But I know I have so much better things to offer; there is no reason to waste mine and your time on THIS comic.


I will definitely post stuff online and before the end of the year I am planning to start another webcomic. I am still not sure if it will be one of my longer stories or one of the one-shots. But it will be something I will want to tell and want to draw. If you liked any part of Seclusion Inn then I promise that whatever comes next will be 100 times better so please keep an eye on my twitter or tumblr or Deviantart or Livejournal.


To everyone who has been with me up till now I want to send the feelings of my deepest gratitude. Please, keep believing in me and I will give you something really nice; much better than I could ever with Seclusion Inn.


p.s. This is the last place I am posting this (from the places I could remember I might want to post). To be honest I feel dizzy; this is quite a big decision I’ve been preventing to make for quite a long time. But the comic has been doing me more harm then good. If you ever wanted to hug me, now is the time.

(I will probably delete this p.s. tomorrow XD I have no idea why I consider tumblr the best place to write it either…)

More Than a Hunch has just launched. I made the launch today as a Birthday present for myself.

If you want to give me a present spread the word or give some comments or vote or… Just acknowledge it’s existence :D


I updated yesterday with chapter cover lalala~! <3 (click image to go to page)

Comic has updated. Can you believe it? Me neither. But I’m sick of looking at this page so now other people can get sick of looking at this page….

Guest art I drew for's webcomic (or rather, random fanart that turned into a guest page).

Victorian romance, drama, vampires and yes, this is also canon (this comic is LGBT friendly, hehe). From what I know we’ll be also getting ACTION! :D

Just go and read, OK?

You know how sometimes you have silly ideas/situations you’d like to share but then you decide there is nowhere to put it so you just let it fly away with the wind?

I did too. So I made myself a webcomic page so I can sketch those ideas and spread the stupidity. Click on the image to go to the site.

As you probably know I draw a webcomic

But less of you know that before that I’ve drawn another one

Even if you know the chance is you’ve only seen the second version.

Well, today I was looking for something on my HDD and found the first version of it. The art is much worse than what I do now (which is good, improvement is good) but I found it funny so I decided to share it with the interwebz. It’s submitted after the later version but you can jump straight to it too:

Hmmm, I think posting them is one step of getting rid of the “I’m not good enough” feeling that is paralyzing me and slowing me down with finishing illustrations and comics to show them. Yes, I improved and I can’t stand the art now… but it reads OK and some parts really made me laugh. It’s a good proof it’s not worth to go OCD over single pages, just try to make the writing good and go forward :D

Today marks the first year of my webcomic More Than a Hunch (and it’s also my Birthday). I want to thank all the readers that have been keeping up with me and my slow update pace~! I’m trying to figure out a plan to have more frequent and scheduled updates this year.

Whether you are following the comic or just this tumblr I am really grateful (though in latter case I encourage to check out the comic ;) ). Whether you are a friend or a lurking reader… Thank you very much :)

I hope the next year will allow for more quality updates (and better health).

When I eject pendrive I expect this. Every. Freaking. Time.

More than a Hunch has updated!
Go here to read the newest page or to the main site

More than a Hunch has updated!

Go here to read the newest page or to the main site

Hey, I know I said this is mostly a sketchblog (with er music and videos) but my fellow webcomic creator, Savannah, has some pretty serious health issues now and is not in the best of places in many ways.

And I thought hey, I guess all my twitter followers already know about her comic but what about tumblr? See, she co-writes a great fantasy webcomic, Amya Chronicles. It features some great female characters and the main character is mute (and she even made recently a post on tumblr about strong female characters:  ) and I bet many of you would love it (those are not empty words, I backed the kickstarter and have copies of the first three issues :D)

So if you’re browsing tumblr now it means you have some time (or are procrastinating) so please check out the comic and if you like it leave some nice words and if you’re feeling generous maybe donate a dollar or two? You will get some pretty awesome wallpapers for a dollar until July 6th~! And for 2$ or more you get access to bonus content~!

My webcomic, More Than a Hunch has updated!
I would also like to also present a new voting incentive. It was painted quite a long ago for a zine of our local fantasy club but the zine has been delayed. I haven&#8217;t published the picture anywhere else yet, so it&#8217;s pretty exclusive :D So find that picture on the left of the site that says &#8220;Vote&#8221; and&#8230; vote :D

My webcomic, More Than a Hunch has updated!

I would also like to also present a new voting incentive. It was painted quite a long ago for a zine of our local fantasy club but the zine has been delayed. I haven’t published the picture anywhere else yet, so it’s pretty exclusive :D So find that picture on the left of the site that says “Vote” and… vote :D